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Organic farming in Panama

Almost 2 years into the project April 13, 2009

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Finca Santa Marta Team

Ron & Kim and the rest of Finca Santa Marta’s team

Well here we are almost two years into the development of the farm, July will be 2 years.  Several things have changed, evolved in this time period.  First is to introduce our new Farm Manager, Tino Charmont.  He’s been with us since last July and has the farm moving on the right path.  Tino and the farm team are busy getting ready to drill a well this month, adding a culvert to complete a road by the plantains and bananas, preparing the soil for a large variety of peppers and tomatoes to be planted outdoors under T-frame structures with plastic on top to protect the plants from the heavy rains to come, and to build a new greenhouse the first of May.

The greenhouse will be of bamboo construction, with 3 sections hooked together to create a 100′ x 160′ growing area.  Can you imagine the magnificent view when you walk into such a large growing space and see all the variety of fresh produce in different stages of life, with all it’s colors and beauty?  Plans are being made to plant all the beds with as much variety as possible with consideration for companion planting, crop rotation and secession planting.  Therefore, seedlings will be started by the hundreds and many more hundred seeds will be planted directly into rich soil very soon.  Mother nature will do the rest with a little help from her friends.  We make our own compost and have worm bins as well to enrich the soil before planting to create healthy, happy  plants and nutritious produce.

We have a small variety of organic vegetables growing now along with free-range chickens and we have organic eggs with beautiful dark yellow/orange yolks for sale too.  Our first batch of organic chickens sold out quickly and now we are increasing production to meet the demand for these fresh, tender, young birds.  We are buying and raising more laying hens to increase the production of organic eggs we have available as well.

The breezes are fresh coming up from the river,  across the terrace of our house as we look down over the garden and take a deep breath.  What a beautiful sight it is with the sunset in the back ground.  Life is good and rich.