Finca Santa Marta – An Organic Finca in Panama

Organic farming in Panama

Our new greenhouse construction has started May 5, 2009

Filed under: Bamboo Greenhouses — Ron Miller @ 9:32 pm

P5130885We are excited to announce that we have started construction of our new and improved greenhouse.  We are still utilizing bamboo, as it is plentiful and inexpensive. We are fortunate to have a neighbor, Cho,  just a couple of kilometers up the road from us that has been able to furnish us with plenty of quality bamboo at a good price and we don’t have to haul it very far.

Our former manager did not design our previous greenhouse properly, for our climate.  Taking what we learned from that and by also enlisting some help from our friend, Rodrigo, and our current manager, Tino, we have come up with what we feel will be a much better design.  We will have two 64 x 100 foot separated by a 28 foot wide-open area.  We have also increased the height substantially.  The added height and space between the two will aid in the airflow, which was non-existent in the previous one.  Also we are turning the greenhouses 90 degrees from the original unit to follow the sun’s travel from sunrise to sunset.

We hope to have them completed in the next 2-3 weeks, as we are anxious to start planting for future production.  Currently we have some very nice green and yellow beans and also lots of havas, a dried bean that is very popular in Panama.  The havas come in white and also in a colored variety called frijoles pintados.  Unfortunately the colors disappear during cooking.

Another major project that we are just ready to start is drilling our new deep (100’) well.  We are next on the driller’s schedule so the rig should be here any day.  One of the first things that you learn about Panama is to be patient.  The slower pace of life here drives many gringos nuts but we have learned to “go with the flow”.


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