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A Little Friend in Our Greenhouse February 26, 2010

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Here is a little frog sleeping on our Asian Greens.  Doesn’t it look sweet?  We have to be careful when harvesting so we don’t get the little guy in our  bag of greens.  There are many different varieties and colors of frogs and toads in Panama, including some that are poisonous, especially to dogs.  Some of them are endangered too.

Here is a quick lesson on the difference between frogs and toads.

Frogs:  need to live near water; have smooth, moist skin; a narrow body; higher, rounder, bulgier eyes; longer hind legs that allows them to take long high jumps and have many predators.

Toads:  don’t need to live near water; have rough, dry, bumpy skin; have a wider body; lower, football shaped eyes; shorter hind legs; will run or take small hops; don’t have many predators because the toad’s skin lets out a bitter taste.


One Response to “A Little Friend in Our Greenhouse”

  1. Fred Kilcline Says:

    Looking forward to a visit and purchase of vegetables. Question= we are planning to move soon to Panama and wondering about training our dogs to avoid animals that might harm them. One is a 10 yr old Aussie who won’t be very difficult but he does love to chase squirrels (never catches them) and a 3 yr old Lab who is very strong-minded. She will probably chase anything since she loves to play. Any thoughts would be appreciated and we will certainly contact you when we get down. Have to sell the house first. Outside of Atlanta.
    Regards, Fred & Anne Kilcline

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