Finca Santa Marta – An Organic Finca in Panama

Organic farming in Panama

Spirit is born on March 25 March 29, 2010

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Spirit and Queen Elizabeth

“Spirit”, the new male colt, was born around 6-6:30 am on Thursday morning on March 25th.  This was the day before we left Panama to return to VA. It was a special treat to be there about an hour after he was born, when he got up and wabbled on tippy-toes for the first time.  It will be so fun to watch him grow up.

Spirit - So Handsome


Beautiful Produce March 3, 2010

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This is a photo of some of beautiful and tasty produce we grow at Finca Santa Marta.  Everything is organic except for the lettuce that a friend grows  hydroponically with no pesticides.