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Organic farming in Panama

The First Busload of Visitors to the Farm April 9, 2010

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Heading Down to the Greenhouses

This was our first bus load of people to visit the farm.  They are  farmers from Panama City that have come to the area to visit organic farms and also to see our greenhouses built with bamboo.

Bamboo is a good and a much cheaper resource to build greenhouses with than metal is.  We plan to grow our own bamboo in the future.

Our team has worked hard harvesting and transporting the hundreds of bamboo canes we have used to build these greenhouses.   They are ready to pull the plastic on the 4th greenhouse now.  Then water gets installed, we build the soil with goodies and microbes, seeds germinate, plants thrive and away we go and grow.  Healthy food for Panama!

Examining the Construction

One of the goals for Finca Santa Marta is to be a teaching farm.  So as we learn, we share this knowledge with others, and the cycle continues.


One Response to “The First Busload of Visitors to the Farm”

  1. Congrats!!! Blogs looks great and the farm keeps evolving acording to plan.
    See you guys soon…

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