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Growing Good Greens April 26, 2010

Filed under: Greens — Ron Miller @ 1:30 am

12 Flats of Greens & Cabbage

This is our temporary nursery area.  There is some shade, breeze and it’s fun to watch the chickens while working.

Varieties planted:  Two varieties of pac choi (same as bok choy) – Black Summer which is a green variety and Red Choi which is a red variety;  Chinese kale which is also called Chinese broccoli; and a variety of cabbage.

We’ve also planted Toscano Kale recently directly in the greenhouse.  It is also known as “dinasour” kale.  Give it a try if you haven’t.  A nice dark green that is full of vitamins and minerals.  Great raw or cooked.

Most of these greens can be eaten raw by washing and drying.  Take a leaf and roll up your favorite sandwich filling in it.  Or roll up a small amount of salad with a little dressing and enjoy.  Crunchy – tasty – no need for bread!


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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and reading up on your organic farming methods. It is always exciting to run across people with similar interest in organic farming here in Panama. Please check out our efforts at

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