Finca Santa Marta – An Organic Finca in Panama

Organic farming in Panama

The Love to Garden Club Visit to the Farm June 28, 2010

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Visiting on the Terrace

We enjoyed having the Love to Garden Club visit the farm on  June 24th.  Refreshments were served after a walking tour that included  the 4 greenhouses already in production, the 5th greenhouse that is currently being planted with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers (we are growing these in bags), the compost production area, brooder house with 10 day old chicks, plantains and banana area, and section 1 where we are growing under t-frames to protect the cucumbers, pole beans and spinach from the heavy rains.  Refreshments included fresh lemon grass tea, tomatoes with pesto, peppers with guacamole, and chicken salad served on lettuce, kale and bok choy leaves.

Tomatoes with Pesto

One Response to “The Love to Garden Club Visit to the Farm”

  1. Terry & Chris Says:

    You guys are doing a wonderful job bringing organic gardening methods to Panama. We can hardly wait to get to our property in Buena Vista (11 kms up the Via Volcan hway from La Concepcion) to start planting ourselves. Hope to get a tour of your farm on our next visit.

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