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Organic farming in Panama

Apprentices/Volunteers – Andrew & Lindsay July 21, 2010

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This is a short-cut up from the greenhouses that Andrew & Irvin made more stable by adding bamboo steps and a hand rail towards the top.
Andrew and Lindsay were with us for a month helping at the farm.  We sure appreciate all the energy, ideas and hard work they gave every day.  Their goal was to visit and work on different organic farms in Costa Rica and Panama in the months of June & July.  They were able to go to 4 or 5 different farms.
They built and turned compost, planted seeds and seedlings, weeded, watered, worked in the plantains and bananas, worm compost, prepared soil, built this path pictured here, and they were also an endless source of entertainment.  Everyone enjoyed having them here at the farm.

Andrew, Kim & Ron, and Lindsay

Andrew couldn’t get enough fried plantains.  He would round up ripe yellow ones, peel and slice them and then fry in coconut oil with a little olive oil.  When they soften some, remove each slice and squash into a patty, (carefully as they are hot) then put back in the oil and fry till golden brown.  Serve with salt and cinnamon.  The ripe ones are so much better than the green ones.   I kept thinking that maple syrup would be wonderful on them.
Lindsay loved the chickens and the baby pollitos and she loves plants too.  She is such a trooper, had 2 wisdom teeth removed while here and rebounded quickly.  Thanks for all your help.  Wishing you both the best.  Our door is always open to you.

Can you guess what this is? July 15, 2010

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Do you know what this odd looking thing is?  It is organic yuca plant.  It has been growing for several months and is ready to harvest and sell.  Hard to dig when it gets like this.  The only way I have eaten yuca is fried.  Very popular here in Panama.  Wash, peel and slice the roots into 3-4 inch long, finger sized chunks.  Then boil them until a fork or knife inserts easily into them.  Tino says that normally they are refrigerated at this time to harden them up some before frying.  But when we have done the, we just immediately fried them in coconut oil mixed with a little olive oil.  Drain them well and serve with your favorite dip like peanut sauce or ketchup.  And of course, they need salt too.

Anyone have a different recipe to share?  Maybe a more healthy recipe?