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Can you guess what this is? July 15, 2010

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Do you know what this odd looking thing is?  It is organic yuca plant.  It has been growing for several months and is ready to harvest and sell.  Hard to dig when it gets like this.  The only way I have eaten yuca is fried.  Very popular here in Panama.  Wash, peel and slice the roots into 3-4 inch long, finger sized chunks.  Then boil them until a fork or knife inserts easily into them.  Tino says that normally they are refrigerated at this time to harden them up some before frying.  But when we have done the, we just immediately fried them in coconut oil mixed with a little olive oil.  Drain them well and serve with your favorite dip like peanut sauce or ketchup.  And of course, they need salt too.

Anyone have a different recipe to share?  Maybe a more healthy recipe?


6 Responses to “Can you guess what this is?”

  1. Hi, I grew up eating Yucca as a starch type veggie. Mom boiled it and served with red onions & olive oil. Or just like potato with a little olive oil. Never fried like the yellow (sweet) plantain or the green (starchy) plantain. Yucca is great in stew with other root veggies and a little meat. We called it verduras guisada. Always remember to remove the “string” down the middle before eating. Joe

  2. Mary Says:

    After boiling, run the yuca through a grinder (the manual grinder that is used for grinding corn for tamales). Mix in a little salt. Take pieces of the resulting “dough” and make into patties. Fry.

    This may not be any healthier than just frying the yuca straight, but it’s light in texture and delicious. Reminds me of tempura.

  3. Glenn Says:

    one of my favorites is “Yuca al Mojo” (Yuca in Garlic Sauce).

    1. Peel the yuca and boil in 2 gallons of salted water until soft….
    about 20-30 minutes depending on the quality of the Yuca.
    2. Remove from the water and drain well.

    Version # 1…Salcochar la yuca hasta que este blandita. hacer una salsa con 3 cucharadas de aceite de oliva 1 diente de ajo majado, 1 cucharada de limon, perejil picadito y sal y pimienta al gusto. rociarcelo encima a la yuca caliente!!

    Version #2….
    1. Slice onions and Cuban peppers in long medium wide strips.
    2. Dice the ajies…remove and discarded all of the seeds.
    3. Heat half of the oil till very hot, add the garlic, onions and peppers
    and saute for 2 minutes stirring constantly.
    4. Then “deglaze” with the vinegar and follow at once with the other half
    of the oil, lower heat immediately and simmer for 2 more minutes.
    5. Adjust salt and pepper and remove from the heat. (a mojo sauce
    should have a definite vinegar flavor, but not so strong as to be

  4. cheryl Says:

    I heard you could make a flour out of the Yucca. Has anyone else heard this?

  5. Ron Says:

    Check out this web site for more information on yucca flour.

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