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Colorful Assortment of Cherry Tomatoes September 3, 2010

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Cherry Tomatoes of All Colors

We now have around 180 cherry tomato plants growing inside our new 140’x32′ greenhouse.  We also have about the same amount of peppers growing in there as well.

The exciting colors that are available makes eating a real feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.  Each variety not only is a different color but has a different flavor.  Some are sweeter, some have a stronger tomato flavor,  some have more juice, it’s amazing.

Varieties include: white cherry, black cherry, Hartman’s gooseberry (yellow), large cherry roma, and an orange variety called sun gold.  The yellow pear tomatoes are just setting fruit so they will be a little while before they can join the mix.

I love harvesting these treasures because about every 10th one, I eat.  Yum!

One of my favorite dishes is to cut tomatoes (cherry or larger ones) in a bowl and add a small amount of pesto.  Top with freshly toasted pinenuts.

Anyone want to share your favorite tomato dish?