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Cucumbers and Cilantro are Amigos October 8, 2010

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Cucumbers Growing Up


We have found a great companion herb crop to grow with cucumbers.

First you plant cilantro very thick in long rows on each side of where you will grow cucumbers, then when the cilantro is 1 1/2 – 2 inches tall, plant your cucumber seeds down the center of the row.  The essential oils in the cilantro help keep the nematodes, stink bugs, aphids, etc. away from the cucumbers.   Then as the cilantro grows, you harvest out some of the plants to thin and enjoy in your kitchen always leaving some to do their protecting duties.

We now have three different crops of cucumbers growing at the farm in the greenhouses with the help of cilantro.  These are the healthiest plants we have had in a while.  (Knock on wood.)  Not all are producing right now.

The sweet 12 or so inch long Asian cucumbers are coming on slowly right now, grab one at the market or pre-order one to make sure you get to try this sweet, burpless variety.  We also have another variety cucumber called “Mona Lisa”  which is about 8 inches long.  Not as sweet as the Asian variety hybrid, but a nice cucumber in it’s own right.

We also utilize space by growing all of our cucumbers up netting instead of allowing them to sprawl all over the ground.  This makes the fruit easier to pick too.  Also they get less mildew problems then when laying on the ground.   (There are pole beans growing up netting in the background.)

Cucumbers has an element in them that is cooling to the body.  In Panama this is an important vegetable to eat often, maybe even every day!

My question to you is, “What is your favorite varieties of cucumbers and which new ones do you want to see us grow?”  There are so many varieties to choose from – little white ones, yellow lemon shaped ones, picking cukes, so many……