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Sprouting at the Farm December 6, 2010

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Kim proudly displaying the 4 different varieties of seed she has sprouted to sell at the “Tuesday  Market” in Boquete, Panama.  Happy customers grabbed them all up and the sprout division of Finca Santa Marta was born.  Look forward to growing other varieties like sunflower seed and bigger quantities.

The blend on the platter I’m holding is red clover, fenugreek and radish sptouts (It’s my favorite, the seeds are larger and I just enjoy watching it grow); then there are 2 plates of alfalfa, radish and broccoli blend; 1 plate of spicy mustard sprouts; and  2 platters of mung bean sprouts.

I enjoy growing sprouts.  Soaking them and then watching them grow day by day and you can even watch them grow from morning to night and night to the next morning.  And they grow inside the house with you.

Ron and I are back in the states for the month of Dec. to spend the holidays with our children and grandchildren.  We return to Panama the first part of January and let the sprouting begin.

Starting the 2nd week of January, fresh sprouts will be available on a weekly basis at the “Tuesday Market” in Boquete and also in Volcan on Saturday morning.

What is your favorite sprout?  What other types would you recommend that we grow?

Any comments from customers that purchased sprouts from the farm in December?