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Sweet Potatoes November 16, 2011

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Chu Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are very high in beta-carotene which is  converted in the body to Vitamin A. Since this is a  fat-soluble vitamin, a small amount of fat, such as butter, helps the body absorb this vitamin.

Potassium is very high in sweet potatoes and it’s the third most abundant mineral in the body. Used in maintaining good health in the heart, muscles, kidneys, brain and more. Stress uses this mineral up so continued replacement is very important.

Be sure and eat the skins, when possible. Most of the healing properties are in the skin and just under the skin.

The glycemic index (how quickly the body converts the food to glucose) is almost half of white potatoes. It is 17 as opposed to 29. This makes it a much better choice for diabetics.

So the bottom line is, eat more sweet potatoes. They taste great and are really good for you! Baked or boiled, they are a great addition to your diet.