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Organic farming in Panama

An update from Finca Santa Marta January 1, 2012

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Good morning from chilly Virginia. Currently it is 30 degrees here in the Northern Shenandoah Valley, headed to a high of 59. While it has been much milder here on the east coast so far this winter, (I have been here since Dec. 9th) Kim and I are anxious to return to our tropical, organic farm, Finca Santa Marta where we are entering a new era.

We have been on this project for over 5 years. From our original starting place of searching for the right farm, to purchasing a mediocre cattle grazing farm, to developing a productive, sustainable organic vegetable and fruit farm, we have come a long way. And we are just getting started.

We are very excited about our newly arrived co-managers at the farm, Justin and Jenny. They bring to us some youthful exuberance and an ever increasing knowledge of organic farming along with additional ideas about future sustainability. What we learn at FSM will be taught to locals and expats so that we all can have safe, healthy food now and in the future. We are working hard to increase the varieties grown and also to increase production. Every time you purchase something from FSM you are supporting the future of healthy eating in Chiriqui.

This picture is of our new almasigo or plant nursery during it’s construction last Sept.  Kim will be working on getting it set up and into full production as soon as she arrives next week.

We have again been asked to give a program on organic farming at the Tuesday Morning Meeting in Boquete sometime in Feb. Watch for that up coming announcement.

In the mean time you can check out our web site at to pre-order for the Tuesday Market in Boquete or the Friday Market in Volcan. Residents between Boquete and Concepcion can negotiate with us a delivery/dropoff point for Tuesday afternoon.

Or check out our blog (which we promise to start updating at least weekly)

We invite anyone interested in arranging a tour of our farm to contact us for details.

Here is very good video I ran across earlier this morning about a doctor who reversed the effects of her own MS with a diet rich in leafy greens.

Please fell free to contact me via the email address attached to this update.

Hasta luego,
Ron and Kim Miller


One Response to “An update from Finca Santa Marta”

  1. Mia Hammersley Says:

    Do you have any need for some volunteers at the end of May/beginning of June? I’m an environmental studies major studying in Costa Rica for the semester and would love to come down after my program, my email is
    Thanks! You all are doing great things for the world!

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