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Organic farming in Panama

About October 12, 2007

Finca Santa Marta is an organic farm where we are devoted to working with the land and it’s abundant fertile soil, clean air, water, and warm tropical sun to grow nutritious, healthy food for Panama.   The farm is 17 hectares (45 acres) and has different elevations with the lower level bordering with the Rio Gariché.  This gives us different micro-climates that allows us to grow different crops outside as well.

This month (May 2010) we have finished building and preparing our 4th greenhouse for production.  With each greenhouse being 32’x100′, we have alot of indoor space for growing things that need to have extra protection from the heavy rains.  Eggplant is an example of a plant that is happy in the greenhouse.  They grow large, lush and are very productive over a period of several months.

We are also growing many crops outside under T-frames.  These are made with bamboo and plastic.  The plastic is 4′ wide and arched to keep the rain off.  This is enough protection from the direct heavy rain to keep the plants from being damaged.  We’ve grown peppers and tomatoes and are now growing pole beans under the frames.

You will find chickens in different stages of life at the farm.  Chicks arrive, so cute and fluffy, peeping away and are kept warm in our brooder house.  Soon they are big enough to let them outside.  A couple will peek outside and then run back to the flock.  Pretty soon more will peek outside, then one will get to the edge and sit down, finally one will be brave enough to be the first out of the house.  Soon another will follow and peck at the dirt, and before you know it, they are all out, loving the soil, grit, bugs, life is good.  Their natural diet is supplemented with grain.  It’s funny to see all the flock come running when they see dinner coming, whether it’s for a worm that one of them found, or the grain we provide.  Layers give us eggs and the broiler provide food.

Cattle are a part of the whole system here at the farm.  Since Finca Santa Marta was a cattle farm prior, we have nice pasture areas.  The cattle help keep these down and covert the grass to the manure we collect for our compost bins and bio-fertilzer.

In 2009 we had 2 horses on the farm.  Chombo (our male) and Elizabeth.  But this year we were blessed with a Pinto colt named “Spirit”.  He’s beautiful and we were able to witness his first time at walking.  Gazing out over the pasture and seeing them is such a delight.  Chombo is used to help round up the cattle and make sure they are all there and healthy and also when it’s time to move them to a new pasture.

Dino and Dragon are our two dogs that protect us and guard the property.  Often our wake up call is them howling when the first horse goes down the road.  Can’t let a horse go by unnoticed, you know.  Dragon is a swimmer and will go to the river and swim with us.

Currently our produce is available at the Tuesday Market in Boquete on Tuesdays from 9-12 at the Boquete Events Center.  In the future, We plan to deliver in David and Volcan as our production allows.

Our vision is to share the farm and the knowledge we gain freely with others.  Tours of the farm are available by appointment only.  Look for training seminars offered in the near future.


25 Responses to “About”

  1. Ron Miller Says:

    We expect to start shipping some products to Panama City late this year. Currently we do not have enough production to even consider it.

  2. kimlmiller Says:

    Our farm is located 6 hours from Panama City. Therefore, we are not very familiar with what all is available in the city. The only place we know of is Organica. It’s a health food store that also has organic produce. It’s located in Paitilla. Hope this helps you.

    Our goal is to transport organic produce in the future, however, at this time our production does not allow us to do this. Probably within a year we will be at that stage. Follow our blog and when this step happens, we will announce it.

    Thanks for your support of organic food production and use.
    Ron & Kim Miller

  3. karla Says:

    all I got to say is “”YYYUUMMYYY” to all those veggies you guys are planting. I can’t wait to go there and get some. Too bad you are not shipping to PC right now. hopefully soon.
    Cute lil horse.

  4. sara phelan Says:

    Hello! i was wondering if you deliver, or would consider delivering to the Pedasi area? (Azeuro Peninsula) I would love to have some good veggies here! Thanks so much!

    Peace, Sara

    • Ron Miller Says:

      We may, someday in the future, deliver to your area when we have enough production. Right now we sell out weekly in our local market.

  5. john Says:

    so it goes when u are a confuzer expert like i am.

  6. Luis Says:

    Hi, we are currently staying near Volcán and would love to visit your Finca and purchase veggies. If you are interested in giving us a tour, please contact me via email. Thank you.

  7. Young Says:

    I am looking for wwoofing host in Panama.
    Now I am in Penonome, Finca de los perezozos.
    If wwoofing is available… send me email.
    I have computer skill, carpentry skill.
    I can drive and operate tractor.
    I have some wwoofing experience.

  8. robyncole Says:

    Cannot wait to arrive in Boquete in mid-February so I can begin placing my orders with you. Have been watching you for a year now on your blog and are on your email list, so hopefully within 6 months I can actually taste your products! California has lost it’s luster, so we are Boquete-bound!

  9. Hello,
    I am looking for a source for compost worms in Panama.
    Dr Bill

  10. mary Says:

    I came across your blog and like what I see
    I would love to include your blog on my website under “Links”.

  11. Marlyn Says:

    Hi, I am now in Boquete and would love to drive by and visit Finca Santa Marta and get to know you. I may even be interested in helping you get your products to Panama City. Please let me know when you could receive me.
    All the best,

  12. Tiffany Says:

    Hi I am interested in knowing if your products are available anywhere in Panama City or anywhere else in Panama other than Boquete? We are located in Colon and are looking to access organic produce. Is there an email by which we can communicate?

  13. Ilona (3 e's in freee in email address) Says:

    We’re so happy to discover ORGANIC sweet potatoes in Panama! We have a friend here who is smitten with cancer and is interested in a lifestyle change which includes organic juicing. So in an effort to help him, we’re looking for organic sweet potatoes and kale, both of which, when juiced, reportedly increase t-cell production. Do you grow kale? How about other dark green leafy veggies? are you located in the Boquete area? how do we contact you?

    • Ron Miller Says:

      See our web site for more information. Yes we grow and sell lots of kale in 3 different varieties. Also collard greens. Sorry no sweet potatoes available at this time. I do have a friend in Volcan who might have some available now. We sell at the Tuesday Market in Boquete.

  14. Ilona Says:

    Thank you for your prompt response! Can you put me in touch with your Volcan contact so I can find out about sweet potatoes? will you have kale at the Boquete Market Tues? I don’t what variety to buy. I just need the one with the darkest green leaves–we need max chlorophyll. I need kale with sweet potato. Trying to coordinate getting both for optimum benefit. Thanks so much.

  15. My Days On Earth Says:

    Hi! are you still in the organic products business here in Panama? thanks in advance for the response.

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