Finca Santa Marta – An Organic Finca in Panama

Organic farming in Panama

Products we produce at FSM September 19, 2010

Arugula – organically grown

Bok choi – 2 varieties – organically grown

Beets – 3 types – organically grown

Carrots – 4 types and colors – organically grown

Green snap beans – organically grown

Peppers – 5 types sweet – 5 types hot – organically grown

Swiss chard – 2 varieties sold as a mix – organically grown

Tomatoes – 8 types including 5 types of cherry tomatoes – organically grown

Yellow snap beans – organically grown

Free Range chickens – 95% organic

Free Range chicken eggs – 95% organic

Bananas – organically grown

Yuca – organically grown


8 Responses to “Products we produce at FSM”

  1. Betty Hatch Says:

    Do you have Swiss chard?

  2. david angelette Says:

    How do I get a look at the books/CD’s regarding the medicinal plants of Panama? I found your site on an email in the yahoo group “americans in Panama” By the way, I have met and spent a few days with Richard Gruber……interesting fellow with his stories of jungle living and brujos/brujas. Is he still in the Boquete area?


    David Angelette, MD

    • Ron Miller Says:

      Good morning, I will direct email you a couple of pages of each of the booklets. If you are interested in them we can mail you a CD with both books on it or we can send them as attachments to an email. CD (contains both) is $12.00 plus mailing fee. Via email is $10.00 for both or the printed booklets are $10.00 each. You can pay via Paypal or direct deposit into our Banco General account. Frank Gruber is now living in the Volcan area but travels to Boquete every other week. Frank has been to our finca twice and is helping us with medicinal herbs.



    Do you have Stevia plants for sale?

    • Ron Miller Says:

      We sold our last one today (for delivery in Volcan tomorrow) and are out right now but will have some more shortly.


  4. Karen Leblanc Says:

    What are your prices of vegetables and can we pick ourselves for a price reduction?

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